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About Me, the ohboymom

5448_1187308766846_256769_nWhen I gave birth to my third son back in 2003, a neighbor said to me, “Congratulations – now you can join the Mothers-of-boys club!” I thought she was joking, but sure enough, in my small suburban town, this club actually existed. The one rule for joining the group was that you had to be a mom to at least three boys, with no girls in the mix. I never ended up participating in the club, because I found out that it was more of an excuse to drink wine and vent. Don’t get me wrong — I’m all for that, but I was already overwhelmed with three kids and didn’t make the time to join. As it turned out, I found plenty of other boy moms in my town with whom I instantly bonded.

What I soon discovered was that a mother to three or more sons seems to garner more attention than a mother to one or two sons. The mother to three boys is the recipient of constant comments, ranging from the “oh, how do you do it?” to the “there’s a special place in heaven for a mother to all boys.” Yup, pity seemed to be the overriding reaction, and I just didn’t get it. Even more, I didn’t like it. So, I started to write about the adventures with my three boys, wanting to show the world that being a “boy mom” is both frenzied and fabulous, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

For its first year, Oh Boy Mom was a growing blog, gaining readers with honest and humorous posts. And then a major blow to our family occurred. A mere two months after losing my beloved mother to cancer, my 9-year old son (Little Dude) was diagnosed with a rare type of pediatric tumor.

The anger, disbelief, “why me?” and utter panic consumed me at first. I literally had trouble breathing, let alone eating and sleeping. But, when your child is facing a serious illness, you can’t sit back and cry. You have to take action – fast. And we did.

I also quickly discovered that no matter what challenges you and your family may be facing, you have to keep the laughter going. When my mother was in the ICU during her illness, the doctor came by to see my dad, my mom, and me laughing together. He smiled and said, “I truly believe laughter is the best medicine.”

And so, I am taking that mantra to heart and making sure to incorporate laughter and humor into our life every single day, no matter what the circumstance. I know that attitude is going to carry us through this incredibly tough time, and we will all be stronger at the other end.

I invite you to join us for this new chapter of our life, where you can read and laugh along with us, as we go to battle and conquer this beast.

Oh and one more thing: When I’m not running around with my boys, I can be found writing, playing tennis, walking our Labradoodle Matilda (yes, a girl!), or eating a meal with my husband (OhBoyDad) or friends.


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