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Little Dude Goes Back to Camp…and Back To Being A Kid Again

July 8, 2014 in Parenting

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Yesterday, Little Dude went to his first day of basketball camp. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal, but for a kid who has spent more time horizontal than vertical this past year, it was a pretty big deal. At least for me it was. I felt like I was dropping off a toddler at his first day of preschool and I was the nervous mom hovering outside the door, wondering if he’d survive the day without me.

It’s not that I was worried about any separation issues, although the two of us were essentially joined at the hip all year. I knew that for this camp he was going to be thrilled to have his two buddies with him so he definitely wouldn’t miss me at all. I was more concerned about whether Little Dude would have the energy to endure a full day sports camp in the 90 plus degree heat.

What was I thinking?!!?

Maybe I should have kept him in front of the TV this week, or at least at home in the air-conditioning until the high summer temperatures subsided.

I made sure to talk to the camp director and sports trainer in charge so that they were aware of Little Dude’s past “situation.” I hated having to tell them anything at all, and chances are if I had not, they wouldn’t notice anything different about him, except for the fact that maybe his buzz cut seemed a lot shorter than the other boys’ summer cuts. But, I felt they should know he might need to take short breaks from the activities and that he shouldn’t be misunderstood as a 10-year old kid with a bad attitude.

Of course they were very understanding. The trainer mumbled something like, “he’s so young to have gone through that.”

Uggghhh, I hated that reaction of shock combined with pity, but I’ve learned by now that it comes with the territory.

I didn’t want Little Dude to be babied by anyone so I reassured the trainer that the doctors wanted him to be as active as possible this summer. He seemed pleased by my encouragement and then I went on my way, ready to start my first full day in a year without Little Dude by my side.

His feedback after Day 1 of camp?



Except then he added, “but I felt light-headed because I was so hot.” Little Dude then proceeded to chug two large gatorades.

Aside from knowing I needed to send him with extra hydration the next day and the guilt from seeing the sunburn on his cheeks (which was my fault for not sending him with additional sunscreen to reapply), I think it was a success!

Next week is soccer camp, which I’m particularly excited about because it’s inside an air-conditioned facility! No sunburn or dehydration issues to worry about, until the week after that he’s headed to…sleepaway camp.


By then, I’m hoping these day camps were a good warm-up, because I know one of us is going to need it.






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