What I Learned in 2015…

January 28, 2016

I know we’re a month into 2016 already, but it’s always a fun exercise to reflect on the previous year..Was it good? Did it suck? Did I travel? Was it a blur? (Aren’t they all?) And, most importantly, what did I learn last year? I was trying to decide if I could pick just one thing that […]

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When Losing Is Also Fun

October 28, 2014
A Tennis ball Author: User:Fcb981

I play tennis, a lot. It’s the sport that gives me my me-time, good exercise, and most importantly, an on-court focus when I only think about that fuzzy yellow ball and nothing else.  That alone makes it all worth it. However, there was a time not that long ago when I thought about quitting competitive tennis. because […]

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If I Could Hang Out With Any Celebrity, It Would Be…

March 28, 2013
Cover of "Couples Retreat"

If you could hang out with any celebrity, who would it be? I couldn’t pick one. Check out my five picks of celebrity dinner companions.

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Competitive Tennis: Should I Quit?

March 20, 2013
Shot of a tennis racket and two tennis balls o...

As I embark on another season of competing in USTA tennis, I question whether I want to continue. I am not sure I enjoy it. Should I return to being a recreational player and give up competing? I compare myself to my own children, who have decided on their own when to stop competing in a particular sport.

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