Boston Marathon Bombing: Is This The New Normal?

April 17, 2013
Boston Marathon

The same question appeared on my Facebook feed on Monday by several different people. They all asked this: What the f**k is wrong with our world? I wish I knew. And like every other parent out there, I wish I could shield my kids from the news of these repeated horrors. But, I can’t. Because […]

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Any Mother’s Loss Is Every Mother’s Loss

December 17, 2012

“Any mother’s loss is every mother’s loss.” I read that sentiment in a recent post about the Newtown, CT tragedy by blogger Liz over at Mom-101 and I thought that described my heartache perfectly. All of us — mothers AND fathers — feel the grief and pain about the loss of those precious young lives. […]

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Newtown, CT Tragedy: A Star For One Little Boy

December 15, 2012

When I first heard about the horrific tragedy in Newtown, CT, my first impulse was to run, and I mean literally run, to my son’s elementary school and hold my 9-year old close to me and hug him tight. It took all my strength to stay put until 3pm when I usually pick him up. […]

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