Is That A Giant Peach?!?

June 17, 2014
Little Dude

  No, but a good guess! It’s actually Little Dude’s beautiful head, which is now sprouting some newly grown hair! Personally, I think he looked gorgeous without hair too, but one of the main reasons I am happy his hair is returning now is because I don’t want his head to get sunburned this summer […]

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Look Ma, No Hair!

October 8, 2013

We were told he would lose his hair starting in Week 3 or 4. And boy did it happen fast. One morning his hair looked a little thinner. By that afternoon, it seemed as if half of it was already gone. We had been visiting his two brothers at sleep-away camp and it was a […]

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Someone To Brush My Hair

April 10, 2013
Hair Brushing

As a mother to three sons, I ponder the notion of whether one of my boys will fulfill the role of a “daughter” for me.

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