Decorating The College Dorm Room: Guys Vs. Girls

September 5, 2017

Like many other parents of college-aged kids, I recently moved my oldest son into his college dorm room. Since he spent the past two years in boarding school, I considered myself a seasoned pro at purchasing all needed room supplies and took great pride in the fact that I could set up his dorm room in […]

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Thoughts On An Approaching New Year

December 15, 2016

Embed from Getty Images   It’s almost 2017 and…I’m READY for it! I think 2016 was a mixed bag for some. I know for Christina and Tarek of “Flip or Flop” fame, it was a downer. And, I too am soooo down about their breakup…how could this be??? And, they’ve been dating other people too…say […]

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Premature College Stress – Four Years Too Soon

October 1, 2012

With all the Back-To-School nights over and our kids settled into school and their extra-curricular activities, I should be able to relax.  September madness is over, right?  I thought so, until I went to “Freshman Parent Night” at my son’s new high school last week.  I thought it was going to be a presentation on […]

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