What To Do Over Christmas Break With 3 Boys Who Will Break You

December 24, 2012

I’m scared. Christmas break is here and we have nothing planned for the next week and a half.  And I mean nothing. You may as well just start feeding me the valium now. My boys would be perfectly happy turning into zombies and playing endless hours of Xbox. But, that makes me crazy because I […]

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Christmas Tag…I’m It!

December 22, 2012

So, there’s this holiday “game” floating around cyberspace now where bloggers are tagging each other to answer questions about Christmas and then they have to tag a few other bloggers. It’s sort of like a chain-letter, blogger-style with a holiday theme. I love it. And, I love it for two reasons. First, it’s giving me […]

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Oh Boy Mom’s Holiday Wish List

December 13, 2012

We celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas in our house, so there are lots of lists here this time of year. Every year it seems to become more difficult to gift the boys with something they really want that either a) doesn’t cost more than our monthly mortgage or b) isn’t a friggin’ video game. You’ve […]

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