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April 21st – A Birthday and an Anniversary

April 21, 2015

Today, April 21st — would have been my mother’s 77th birthday. It’s been two years since she’s been gone. I can’t decide if it seems like more or less than that. Either way, it sucks. My missing her so very much hasn’t changed and in some ways, it’s gotten worse. The more time that passes, […]

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I Once Won An Award For…(Hint: A horse bite was involved)

April 2, 2015
Finish the Sentence Friday

View image | gettyimages.com Nobody ever told me not to bother a horse when it was eating. I was a fearless, confident nine-year old, who loved all animals, and most especially, this horse named Shane. Shane was my second favorite horse at sleep-away camp, second only to Secora, who was everyone’s sweetheart. I liked Shane […]

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How I Became A Bucket-Filler

March 18, 2015

Is compassion an inherent trait or can it be taught? Or, is it something you discover only after you’ve needed it the most? I’ve thought about this a lot over the past year, as I count each month that we are further away from what was a really BAD year. It was a year when we […]

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The February Lament

February 11, 2015

Last year at this time, I was bitching complaining that everyone was posting their exotic vacation photos while I was sitting in a hospital room with Little Dude, who was undergoing treatment at the time. The weather was miserable, Little Dude was miserable, and I was miserable. My post had been titled, “Why I Dislike Anyone Who […]

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When Is It The “Right” Age For My Kid To Walk Home Alone?

January 20, 2015
English: Train Board at Grand Central Terminal

Recently, there was controversy surrounding a Maryland mother who let her 10-year old and 6-year old children walk around the neighborhood without adult supervision on a regular basis. Apparently, someone thought those kids were way too young to be out on their own and reported her to Child Protective Services for not being a good mama. […]

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Please Don’t Force My Kids To Read

December 18, 2014

View image | gettyimages.com It starts as early as elementary school: the forced reading schedule. Most of our kids learn to read on their own by the second grade, and then before we know it, they are being asked to read a specified amount every night. First it’s for ten minutes, then twenty, then half an […]

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Courage Isn’t Always About Bungee Jumping

December 11, 2014
English: Jump from Nevis Bungee Platform near ...

This past year, I had a lot of time to think about courage. What it means. What it looks like. How it feels. I used to think courage was having the guts to do something really scary, like bungee jump, sky dive, or walk a tightrope between two of Chicago’s skyscrapers (did anyone watch that […]

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College Prep: “Stay Away From The Other Moms”

December 9, 2014

#860789 / gettyimages.com “Stay away from the other moms.” Sounds harsh, right? Actually, I agree with it, at least within the context which it was said. You see, that advice was given to me by Big Dude’s ACT tutor recently. We were discussing the stress and pressure of the infamous junior year in high school and […]

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The Incredible Growing Dude

November 18, 2014

#179465255 / gettyimages.com Based on the title of my post, I bet you think I’m going to talk about my biggest dude – the one who’s 6 foot 8 and who everyone keeps asking if he’s “done” growing…well, no, I’m not going to discuss his height and no, we don’t know if he’s done growing […]

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When Losing Is Also Fun

October 28, 2014
A Tennis ball Author: User:Fcb981

I play tennis, a lot. It’s the sport that gives me my me-time, good exercise, and most importantly, an on-court focus when I only think about that fuzzy yellow ball and nothing else.  That alone makes it all worth it. However, there was a time not that long ago when I thought about quitting competitive tennis. because […]

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How A High School Basketball Showcase Is Similar To a Dog Show

October 14, 2014
A photograph of Sporting Group judging at the ...

As I’ve mentioned in this recent post, Big Dude has been going to various basketball “exposure” events, where college recruiters come to watch high school students in hopes of finding players for their college team. This past weekend, I took Big Dude to another one of these events and although I think I’m a  seasoned basketball […]

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