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How Back-To-School Night Gave Me PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

September 23, 2014
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It’s that time of year again: Back-To-School Night season. Depending on the age of your kid(s), it could mean finding your way through the halls of a high school to hear each teacher talk to you for a whopping ten minutes about their curriculum for the year. By the time you’re done, you’re exhausted and […]

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September Then Vs. September Now

September 16, 2014

We’ve all heard that expression “what a difference a year makes.” In our case, the difference is HUGE. Last September, Little Dude was being home-schooled. This September, he’s back in our local elementary school full-time. Last September, Little Dude and I were living in Boston while he underwent treatment at MGH (Man’s Greatest Hospital). This […]

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Let The Fighting Resume…

September 9, 2014
Boxing ring

Anyone out there who has at least two boys at home knows that physical fighting, play-fighting, wrestling, and anything else that usually ends in blood shed is pretty much a constant in a house with boys. My house, with three dudes now ages 10, 14, and 17, may as well be converted into a boxing ring, […]

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Summer Is Over…How Do I Feel About It This Year?

September 4, 2014

*This post is part of the blog hop, Finish-The-Sentence Friday. I thought this was a great sentence for me to try to complete, especially this year: At the end of each summer, I always feel….. …BUMMED OUT!! I am not one of those moms who craves the structure of the school year. Because in my […]

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Oh Look, It’s Another Medical Bill!

August 5, 2014
Drowning under a mountain of paper

If you or a family member has ever been hospitalized or needed long-term treatment of any kind, you’ve likely been subjected to the piles and piles — and I mean PILES — of medical bills that flood your mailbox. What’s that you say? Do I have medical coverage? Well, yeah! Except medical coverage doesn’t actually […]

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Camp Visiting Day: The Great Junk Food Debacle

July 23, 2014
Candies and Cookies

Camp visiting day is approaching this weekend for Middle Dude, who is spending 7 weeks up in New Hampshire at sleepaway camp. As the much anticipated day comes closer, the camp sends out a reminder, along with some rules, such as: No leaving the camp grounds during visiting day Only family members may visit No […]

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Little Dude Goes Back to Camp…and Back To Being A Kid Again

July 8, 2014
English: YOKOSUKA, Japan (Dec. 6, 2009) Lade M...

Yesterday, Little Dude went to his first day of basketball camp. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal, but for a kid who has spent more time horizontal than vertical this past year, it was a pretty big deal. At least for me it was. I felt like I was dropping off a toddler at […]

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Is That A Giant Peach?!?

June 17, 2014
Little Dude

  No, but a good guess! It’s actually Little Dude’s beautiful head, which is now sprouting some newly grown hair! Personally, I think he looked gorgeous without hair too, but one of the main reasons I am happy his hair is returning now is because I don’t want his head to get sunburned this summer […]

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My Writing Process (This Post Isn’t As Boring As It Sounds…)

June 10, 2014

I may be VERY late in the game of writing a post about this, but this topic has been circulating in the blogosphere, where bloggers post about their writing process, and then “pass the baton” to another blogger they admire and then that blogger shares his or her writing process and so on. I’m not […]

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Drinking Lemonade and Fighting Childhood Cancer…………One Cup At A Time

June 3, 2014

If you’ve been reading my blog over the past year, you’d know I’ve changed its focus a bit. The humor is still there (I hope), but the subject is serious — childhood cancer. That phrase went from something we thought only happened to other people’s kids to suddenly invading our family and turning our world […]

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Post-Treatment Follow-Up…The List Keeps Growing!

May 13, 2014
Contact lens

Now that Little Dude is finished with his treatment, our visits to the hospital are only once a month, instead of twice a week. So, that’s good and makes our life a lot less hectic. Or so I thought. Now, we are playing “catch-up” with all the other health-related maintenance that we put off for […]

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