Learning To Drive…Again

March 23, 2016 in Parenting,Teenagers

A typical speed limit sign in the United State...

A typical speed limit sign in the United States showing a 50 mph restriction. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here we go again!

Middle Dude turned 16 this past January, which meant we once again have a dude in the house learning to drive. The first time around, when Big Dude got behind the wheel, I thought I was going to be terrified, but as you may recall, it wasn’t as harrowing an experience as I thought it would be.

Now you’re probably thinking this is going to be a post about watching my middle child learn to drive.


This post is about my middle child watching ME drive. And, for some reason, he thinks he needs to teach me how to operate a car, even though I’ve been a licensed driver for over 30 years. This is how a typical car ride goes with me behind the wheel and Middle Dude in the front passenger seat:

Middle Dude: “That was illegal.”

Me: “Huh? What?

Middle Dude: You turned into the left lane, but you were supposed to turn into the right lane.

Me: Oh, that’s okay. No one was in the left lane. [Note to self: Look up rules of the road on Google.]

Middle Dude: You’re speeding. You’re going 40, and the speed limit sign says 30.

Me: No reply. [Pretending I don’t hear him]

Middle Dude: You didn’t make a full stop at that stop sign.

Me: Yes I did.

Middle Dude: No, you didn’t.

And on it goes. I am now counting the days until he can take his road test so that he can drive himself everywhere and I don’t have to listen to all the reasons why I should enroll in a driver’s ed review course.

When it’s Little Dude’s turn to learn to drive, I plan to make Middle Dude practice with him.

That will be payback time. :)


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Kristi Campbell March 23, 2016 at 9:15 pm

LOL yes, it will totally be payback time making MD teach LD! :)
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