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Is That A Giant Peach?!?

June 17, 2014 in Family life


Little Dude's head

Little Dude’s head

No, but a good guess! It’s actually Little Dude’s beautiful head, which is now sprouting some newly grown hair!

Personally, I think he looked gorgeous without hair too, but one of the main reasons I am happy his hair is returning now is because I don’t want his head to get sunburned this summer while he’s out playing and swimming and having fun.  I now understand what a hazard it can be in the summer to be a bald guy…

The only reason I’d want him to NOT have hair this summer is for the past year, I have not had to worry about him contracting lice. Of course, that was about the only thing I didn’t have to worry about, so I’ll gladly welcome the risk of having those nasty critters invade our house. But just in case, if Little Dude’s hair grows much longer, we’re going straight to the barber shop!

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