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How My Family Became Netflix Addicts

January 8, 2014 in Family life

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I suppose it all started with the show, “Orange Is The New Black.” I kept hearing everyone rave about it and a friend of mine pleaded with me to watch it already. When I searched Apple TV (our go-to TV/Movie watching system), I couldn’t find it. That’s when I discovered it was only available on Netflix.


I hadn’t been a member of Netflix for years, not since the days of ordering DVDs from them through the mail. We’ve been Apple TV devotees for a while now and have loved the convenience of streaming a multitude of movies and TV shows right into our family room with just the press of a few buttons on the remote. Netflix seemed so last decade to me.

When I mentioned to another friend that I was too cheap to join Netflix just to watch one particular show, she and and yet another friend took it upon themselves to make sure I didn’t deprive myself: they ordered me a one-year subscription to it.

I was so touched by their gesture and knew that I did not want their gift to go to waste. I immediately downloaded the App and cuddled up with my iPad at 10pm that night so I could watch “Orange Is The New Black.”

I was hooked after the first episode. I kept my 10pm “date” with my iPad almost every night so that I could watch the first season of this series in its entirety.

When I finished watching the full season, I was not only bummed that it was over and I’d have to wait until a new season, but I was a bit lost.

Now what was I supposed to watch?

I browsed around the other TV shows and before I knew it, I had a list of shows that I had never seen, but had always heard were excellent.

I am currently cruising through episodes of the series, “Parenthood.” Next up will be “Breaking Bad.”

And so, you’re probably wondering how the rest of us became ┬áNetflix binge-watchers too. Well, those treatment days at the hospital are loooong. There’s only so much Spongebob and iPhone games that a boy can take. One day I offered Little Dude my iPad to see if he’d want to watch a show and before I knew it, he was a Netflix junkie too.

The other night I suggested to my husband that we watch the series, “Friday Night Lights” with the boys, because hey, who doesn’t love a good football plot line? The outcome of that experiment?

Let’s just say we are now a family of five that needs to enter a Netflix rehab facility…but we won’t check in until AFTER we finish Season five.

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