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Why I Entered The Tom The Turkey Photo Contest (And Why You Should Vote For Me)

November 15, 2013 in Family life

tomtheturkeyThere’s this wild turkey that’s been roaming around our town Larchmont for months now. That’s him to the left…He has become a town icon, almost a hero, as he parades around our community like he belongs here and wants to stay forever (and especially past Thanksgiving). It wouldn’t be that odd to see a wild turkey if we lived further north in a more rural area. However, Larchmont is considered an urban suburb, with not a lot of green, open space so when a wild animal like a turkey or deer is spotted around here, it’s news.

The funny thing about Tom is he shows up in the oddest places. He’s been spotted at the train station, in parking lots, at the local park, walking down neighborhood streets, and I do believe he even made an appearance in our backyard, unless that was his cousin.

Sure enough, when Little Dude and I were returning from our final trip up in Boston after his treatments ended, we were driving through town and spotted Tom following a man down the sidewalk. He was gobbling at him and seemed to want to go home with this guy. I stopped the car, grabbed my iPhone and snapped a few pictures of our sighting. Little Dude was thrilled. He said it was almost as cool as meeting one of the Patriots football players up in Boston.

I thought it was cool too, and felt that it was some sort of symbolic homecoming for us.

And then, about two weeks later, the “Tom The Turkey” photo contest was announced.

I knew I had to enter our photo. It had nothing to do with winning the prizes being awarded (although that Pumpkin Facial would be nice).

It had to do with doing something silly.

For me.

And for our family.

Because sometimes in the midst of a crappy, hard time, you need to be distracted with something silly like a turkey photo contest.

So, if you’d like to help us win the crazy contest, please vote for my photo of Tom.

Voting ends at midnight tonight!

Click HERE to vote….Please note the link can only be accessed via computer. Remember, my photo has the “beauty salon” caption.






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