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One Hour Of School A Day?!?

October 22, 2013 in Parenting

Little Dude’s diagnosis occurred right at the beginning of the summer, which was probably good timing if there could be good timing for something like that. We scrambled around to different hospitals and doctors, trying to make sense of the whirlwind around us. We immediately cancelled camp and vacation plans and focused on the challenge ahead. Once we had a firm plan and came up for air, I inquired about how we should handle school for Little Dude in the fall. His doctors recommended he be home-schooled for the year.

Before you become all impressed that I could juggle this AND home school my child, let me squash that notion right away and inform you that he is being home schooled by a tutor, NOT BY ME. I’m only capable of so much, people!

I put the call into his school principal and she told me what to expect. It all seemed straightforward until she told me the number of hours a day he would be tutored….just take a guess. Three? Four?

Try ONE.

One hour a day??? Five hours a week?

That can’t be right, I pleaded to no one in particular.

Little Dude, on the other hand, thought he won the lottery.

“That’s it?” he asked incredulously. “Only one hour of school a day?” he asked again, with a very wide grin on his face.

The principal reassured me that he wouldn’t fall behind and would be just fine.

I suppose when you factor in lunch, recess, gym, art, and group instruction, you are likely left with about one solid hour of learning time a day in 4th grade. I don’t know if that reassures me or makes me realize that my taxes are way way too high. Actually, I knew that already, but now it just hurts a lot more.

I wasn’t actually worried about my son keeping up with learning division and reading and writing. I was worried about ME and the fact that I haven’t had a kid home all day every day with me in years.

What are we going to do the other hours during the day? Sure, we’ll have hospital visits and days when he’s not feeling well, but seriously, one hour a day?? Does that mean it’s time to dig out the puzzles and board games again? Or, do I just let him overdose on Xbox because after all, he’s going through a tough time? Should I supplement his tutoring with our own reading hour and perhaps throw in a nap time for both of us? And then, in the late afternoon, we could label it our very own “happy hour.” Little Dude would have the snack of his choice and I’d have my favorite chardonnay.

Hmm, maybe I’m on to something here…

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