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“Mom, The MRI Was Fun!”

October 2, 2013 in Hospital Tales,Parenting

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If you’ve ever needed an MRI, CT scan, bone scan or pet scan, you are familiar with the size and intimidating look of these machines.

An MRI is probably the scariest of them all, because it takes the longest and if you have any trace of claustrophia, then good luck. Lying still in a mostly enclosed box is bad enough. Add to that a loud banging, clanging noise and it’s even worse. But, if you’re an adult, you suck it up, close your eyes, and try to pretend you are somewhere else.

But what if it’s your child that has to endure that scan?

You prepare them for it by telling them what to expect, but what if they can’t take it? What if they are so scared by the banging or they can’t handle being enclosed for that long?

Turns out, my worries were unfounded. When Little Dude emerged from the MRI, he declared,

“Mom, the MRI was kind of fun.”

“”Of course it was! Isn’t it cool?” I said, hiding my shock from his pleasant experience.

The thing is, when your kid is ill or needs tests, you can’t shield them from scary hospital stuff all the time. Sometimes, you have to be completely honest, but you can also do your best to make it as positive a situation as possible.

Like when Little Dude needed his CT scan. Another big, scary-looking machine. I walked in, my heart skipped a beat, and I covered up my fear for him by blurting out, “Oh cool, it looks like a giant donut!”

Little Dude hopped up on the machine, laid down on his back and couldn’t wait to go inside the big donut.

“Piece of cake?” I asked when he came out.

“Piece of donut, mom!”

We both laughed.

And kept laughing, all the way to the next big, scary machine that didn’t look so big and scary to either of us anymore.

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