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Look Ma, No Hair!

October 8, 2013 in Family life

We were told he would lose his hair starting in Week 3 or 4.

And boy did it happen fast.

One morning his hair looked a little thinner. By that afternoon, it seemed as if half of it was already gone.

We had been visiting his two brothers at sleep-away camp and it was a particularly hot summer day. I noticed lots of little hairs sticking to his forehead ¬†and cheeks, so I continually reached over to wipe them away. Little Dude figured out what I was doing. And Middle Dude couldn’t help but notice that his brother’s hair was falling out right before our eyes.

“OMG, you had so much more hair this morning!” Middle Dude exclaimed.

He wasn’t trying to be mean. He was just an observant kid.

Fortunately, Little Dude was a laid back boy, with an amazing disposition. He truly didn’t seem to care about losing his hair.

In fact, he reached up to his scalp and grabbed a small clump and handed it to his brother.

Middle Dude squealed a little, but we all laughed.

It’s just hair, and it’s going to grow back.

And now Little Dude has a head that feels and smells like a newborn baby’s head…we sniff it all the time.

Another benefit? We can clearly see his handsome face!

Little Dude has become clever with utilizing his baldness. One night we were at a restaurant and the waiter seemed to have forgotten about our table. We had finished our meal and wanted the check, but the waiter was too busy chatting it up at a nearby table to notice us. Little Dude suggested he take off the baseball hat he was wearing.

“C’mon, maybe if the waiter sees my bald head, he’ll get over here faster,” Little Dude implored.

Smart 9-year-old, already learning how to use the pity card. Except then he realized soon after, that maybe being bald isn’t so uncommon after all.

When we went to the Yankees game, we noticed that Derek Jeter’s head was shaved. He had no hair. None.

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Derek Jeter, Little Dude’s favorite player, looked just like him.

Handsome and bald and still hitting home runs.

At this rate, Little Dude may not even want his hair back.


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