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A Plea To Lebron James and The Miami Heat

October 29, 2013 in Medical Stories

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If there could be any “perks” to having a tumor, then having a wish granted by the “Make-A-Wish” foundation is THE perk of all perks. I had no idea that Little Dude was even eligible, but apparently any kid, no matter what the diagnosis, who has to undergo long-term treatment for a serious illness can participate. I over hear the kids in the group infusion room talking about their wishes all the time. Looking forward to the wish they make is what gets them through the most difficult time in their young lives.

When the volunteer from “Make-A-Wish” came to our house to discuss how the program works, Little Dude said he thought he might like his wish to be front row seats at a Miami Heat game.

“Dream bigger, waaay bigger,” the volunteer prodded.

“Could I ask to meet Lebron James?” Little Dude timidly asked.

“Sure!” the volunteer replied, knowing that Lebron and the Miami Heat had participated in granting these wishes previously.

Little Dude’s face lit up more than I had seen it glow in a long time.

The volunteer said she would get back to us and let us know if his wish was approved. She told us to have a back-up wish “just in case.”

When she got back to us a few weeks later, she didn’t sound as optimistic.

Apparently, there are 32 kids on the wait-list to meet Lebron and the Miami Heat will neither confirm or deny whether they will grant these meet-and-greets soon. Some of the kids on the list have been waiting for over two years.

That’s a long time for any kid, and especially a kid undergoing chemotherapy who needs something to look forward to.

“Would you like to give us a back-up wish?” she asked.

When I discussed the issue with Little Dude, he said he’d be patient and wait to meet Lebron. I looked at him decked out in his Miami Heat hat and shirt and knew there was no back-up wish that would make him as happy.

“No, please make him #33 on the wait-list,” I replied, a bit deflated.

And so we will wait….

This is where my plea to the Miami Heat comes in and where I also need my readers to help. I think it’s only fitting that today is the official start of the NBA season. So, why not reach out to the Heat TODAY and let them know how they can help the dreams of 33 awesomely brave kids come true? It will only take one click for you to help:

Simply tweet this quote and accompanying link to my post to your followers by clicking the “tweet this” button below:

Read this mom’s plea for her son and 32 other kids’ @MakeAWish to meet Lebron James. @King James @MiamiHeat <Tweet This>

Who knows…maybe someone out there in Twitter-land has a connection to Lebron and will get him the message directly (I think his Twitter account is run by somebody else) or maybe the Miami Heat will finally grant the wishes for these kids who have already been through so much…maybe, just maybe it will work.

Thank you VERY MUCH for your help!

P.S. “Make-A-Wish” is an amazing organization…please consider a donation so that they can continue to grant wishes and transform lives of kids with serious medical conditions. Click here┬áto donate.





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