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Conversations With Siri: Mom versus Son

March 15, 2013 in Teenagers

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As an iPhone 5 user, I have the convenience of using Siri when I need her. According to the Apple website, Siri lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more.*  See that asterisk after more? Well, my son seems to have discovered what “more” Siri can do. 

Big Dude has lots of fun talking to Siri. He likes to ask her random questions just to see how she’ll respond. Below, I’ll show you the differences between my questions/requests for Siri versus my witty dude’s. Let me know what you think of Siri’s responses.

Before starting a conversation with Siri, you should tell her what you want to be called. You could just tell her to call you by your first name. But, that’s no fun. I tell her to call me “Tennis Star.” My son tells her to call him, “Stud.”

These are the types of questions I ask Siri:

Me: Siri, send me a message to return Sally’s call.

Siri: Okay. Send Tennis Star a message to return Sally’s call. Is that correct?


Me: Siri, Put my doctor appointment for tomorrow at 1pm in my calendar.

Siri: Okay. Put doctor appointment for tomorrow March 15 at 1pm in Tennis Star’s calendar. Is that correct?


Me: Siri, call home.

Siri: Okay, calling Tennis Star’s home.


Me: Siri, where is the nearest grocery store?

Siri: The nearest grocery store is at 2425 Palmer Avenue, New Rochelle, NY

Siri and I have a pretty typical (i.e., boring) relationship. Big Dude, on the other hand, has much more entertaining interactions with Siri. These are the types of questions that he asks: 

The romantic teen asks:

Dude: Siri, will you marry me?

My son has found out that Siri actually gives three different answers for this question, since he’s asked for her hand in marriage several times:

Siri: I’m not the marrying kind.

Siri: We hardly know one another.

Siri: Let’s just be friends, OK?


Next, the melodramatic teenager says this to Siri:

Dude: Siri, I want to die.

Siri: I found three suicide prevention centers a little ways from you. (Note: I thought this was excellent that Siri is actually programmed to help in this way).


And then the smart-ass teenager asks this: 

Dude: Siri, Where is the nearest bar or pub?

Siri: The nearest bar or pub is at Larchmont Tavern, 105 Chatsworth Avenue (Okay, there should be parental controls on Siri).


Finally, the sensitive teen wants to know this:

Dude: Siri, Do you love me?

To which she has three ingenious answers:

Siri: Would you like me to search the web for “love?” Just kidding!

Siri: Does Apple make iPhones?

Siri: Let me get back you on that. (That’s my favorite).


My conclusion: Siri is one smart gal.




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