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Finish-The-Sentence Friday: When It Comes To Reality TV Shows, I…

February 1, 2013 in Finish-The-Sentence Friday

When it comes to reality TV shows, I….

am a complete failure. I don’t watch them — not one! But wait, keep reading and let me explain myself.

When “The Bachelor” and “Survivor” first came out, I was a devotee to both those shows, so much so that I wouldn’t make plans the night they were on. I’ll never forget that first season of “The Bachelor” because my husband had made dinner reservations to go out with another couple the night of the final rose, when the Bachelor picks his woman. I pleaded with him to cancel or reschedule the plans.

“I can’t miss the finale!” I complained.

“We’ll tape it, not a big deal,” my husband said, trying to appease me. He probably also said to me, “get a life” but I blocked that part out.

I could not be consoled. I didn’t want to tape it because I knew I’d hear who the Bachelor picked before I got to watch it for myself.

I begrudgingly went to this dinner. The couple we went out with was a few years older than us and I assumed they never even heard of the show “The Bachelor.” I didn’t know the wife Laura that well, because my husband had worked with her husband, Nick in a previous job. We rarely went out with them, although we always had a good time when we did.

During the dinner, I glanced at my watch a few times, hoping that maybe we’d be home by 9pm if we ate quickly. At 8:45, I knew that wasn’t going to happen and I resigned myself to the fact that I’d miss the climactic end of this show.

Except suddenly, a telepathic miracle occurred.

“Hey, isn’t the “Bachelor” finale on in 15 minutes?” Laura asked excitedly.

I tried to play it cool, but I just couldn’t hold back.

“Yes, yes it is!”

“Well, let’s pay the bill and go back to our apartment to watch it. I don’t want to miss this. I’ve got to see who he picks,” Laura said.

And right then, I knew that Laura was my new favorite person.

My husband and Nick made fun of us, but we all watched the finale together and analyzed whether we thought he made the right choice or not.

From then on, I should have become a reality TV junkie. I think I watched one more season of “The Bachelor” and “Survivor” each, but after that, the whole novelty of a reality show wore off for me. I tried watching “The Amazing Race” and “Big Brother” but they both couldn’t hold my interest. I even tried one of the “Real Housewives” shows, but watching those women just scared me. They all seemed like budding train-wrecks, as if they took idiot lessons from Dina Lohan.

So, where does that leave me in terms of my TV selections? I can count them on one hand: Modern Family, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, and Mad Men. I KNOW I am missing out by not watching Homeland or Revenge. And don’t even get me started on Downton Abbey. I realize I am the ONLY person out there who has never seen that show. And I’ll probably live to regret it. But at least I’ve given up my short-lived reality TV show habit.

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