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Oh Yes It’s Ladies Night!

January 21, 2013 in Uncategorized


The other night a bunch of us got together for a ladies’ night out. The occasion was my friend’s birthday and about ten of us joined her to celebrate. These types of nights are absolute necessities. I’ll tell you why everyone should make these nights a regular part of their social calendar: It’s how women stay sane.

I love my husband and I love spending time with him, but there are times when you just want to hang with your girlfriends. If any guys are reading this, I’m sure you’re wondering what we talk about, as my husband always does. Some of it, I can divulge and some of it, I can’t. Yup, we girls have our “girl code” too just like you guys have yours when you take your trips to Vegas or to the local bar.

“What happens during girls’ night, stays at girls’ night.”

I’ll tell you what we don’t talk about, hardly at all: our kids. Sure, we might mention that Michael broke his arm, or that Amanda has her first boyfriend, but for the most part, we don’t mention them. It’s nothing intentional, but let’s face it, kids can be a buzz-kill and talking about them during ladies’ night is a rare occurrence.

Sometimes I can’t recall what we talked about, but what usually stands out for me from my nights out with my gal pals is lots of laughter and plenty of wine. Just like the other night. What I most loved about the other night was that we were a relatively diverse group: we ranged in age from late 30’s to early 50’s, two women were divorced, one was about to get married, some of us worked full-time, some part-time, some not at all, some were Jewish, some were not, and so on. And yet despite our varying ages and stages, we all bonded over food and drink and conversations about marriage, men, aging, work, and play.

One of our friends couldn’t make it and the next day I received an email from her with the subject line: What Did I Miss Last Night? She had been to enough of our nights’ out to know that the discussions could become raunchy, and the laughter rather loud. I replied that we had fun, but that this time everyone behaved and did not overindulge, which can also sometimes happen. But, that’s okay. Girl’s nights are meant to be safe places for us to let loose if we need to, to vent, to cry, to scream, to drink, to drink some more, and to promise to do it again soon.

All women need these nights and what I loved about this particular celebration was that my friend’s husband recognized that. He pre-planned the entire dinner, sent us emails to coordinate the time and place, and then arranged a car service to drive our tipsy bodies home from New York City safely. The dinner began with drinks at the bar. The husband-host met us there, bought us drinks, made sure we were seated at our table, made a sweet toast to his wife and left to have dinner with one of his buddies. He came back at the end to generously pay the bill and say good-bye to us. Not only was that a class act, but that was one husband who understands his wife and knew that the best birthday celebration would be for her to be surrounded by her girlfriends. He scored some big-time husband points that night.

Do you have girls’ nights out? I hope so!



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