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Christmas Tag…I’m It!

December 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Our Christmas Tree

So, there’s this holiday “game” floating around cyberspace now where bloggers are tagging each other to answer questions about Christmas and then they have to tag a few other bloggers. It’s sort of like a chain-letter, blogger-style with a holiday theme. I love it. And, I love it for two reasons. First, it’s giving me something to write about. You see, I’ve had writer’s block for about a week now. After the tragic events in Newtown, I was emotionally drained, and I simply lost my ability to form coherent sentences, let alone funny ones which I usually try to post. This tagging game has unlocked my block and is gently pushing me to get my writing juices flowing again.

The second reason I am loving this game is that I am Jewish! Fortunately, I married an Italian Catholic, so we’ve been celebrating Christmas for many years. And truth be told, even as a child we used to celebrate Christmas. We never had a tree, though my mom always said she wanted to put up a Hanukah bush. However, my parents hung stockings and gave us presents on Christmas day and I even remember my Grandfather dressing up as Santa a few times. While it may sound strange that a Jewish family had these traditions, I know we mostly had Christmas at our house as another excuse to get together with family. My aunts, uncles and cousins would come over every Christmas and that made the day special. So, rather than going to the movies and eating chinese food like many Jewish families do on December 25, we decided to embrace some of the traditions of Christmas, the most important one being family.

So, thank you Amy from Adorable Chaos, who tagged me to participate. As you can see, I needed this nudge to start posting again. And, it also gave me another way to procrastinate from Christmas shopping! Amy and I have both discovered that we are very behind on our gift-buying this year, and we seem to have made each other feel better that we are slacking off together. However, I know we’ll both get our shopping done — because we have no choice!!

Now, onto the questions I am supposed to answer:

1. If you could have anything you want this Christmas, what would it be?

I struggled with this one, because I have my unrealistic list (including turning back time and intervening prior to the events of December 14 and for my mom to never have to enter another hospital ever again unless she decides to resume her duties as a practicing nurse) and then I have what I hope is a more realistic wish: To have my book published. I don’t expect a literary agent to be wrapped with a bow on his or her head and waiting for me on Christmas morning, but I do plan to query agents soon, so if any of you are reading this, please grant me my Christmas wish!

2. If you had tons of money, what would you give your spouse?

Oooh, that’s a good one. My spouse has expensive taste too. Probably either a really nice watch or season tickets to the Knicks games, courtside seats!

3. Do you have a secret awesome gift that you can’t wait to give someone this year?

Well, we always like to surprise the kids with something either not on their list or something they don’t expect from us/Santa.  I had originally written here what those secret and awesome gifts are, but I decided to delete them because sometimes my kids actually read my blog and I’m paranoid I might spoil the surprise.

4. Are you already looking forward to January and all of this being over?

Umm, yes.  And no Amy, I don’t think your question is grinchy. It’s been a rough fall here in the Northeast, both with Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook – I just realized the name Sandy is in both of those phrases). I am ready to start fresh in 2013, as I’m sure so many others similarly feel.

And now it’s my turn to tag a few bloggers…Since it’s so close to Christmas, I considered not continuing the chain, but I’m a bit supersticious, so I’ll try to keep it going. However, if ya’ll have already been tagged (which is likely) or don’t have the time to answer or are already enjoying your holiday vacation, no worries.  I thought Amy proposed such good questions, that if you’re so inclined, please answer the same ones…Pete, Angie & Mary Ann, tag you’re it!

Happy Holidays to you all!



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