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Blog of the Year…Yeah Baby!

December 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Blog of the Year 2012

What a great way to wind down the year…another blogging award has come my way! This one is called the “Blog of the Year” award and it was bestowed upon me by the amazing Janine over at Janine’s Confessions of A Mommyaholic. Janine is an inspiration to me for so many reasons. First off, she blogs every day. Yup, I’m talking seven days a week. I can barely get my three posts a week out there, but Janine appears to be tireless. Besides being a writing machine, she is a mom to two adorable little girls, which as we all know is a full-time job in itself. What’s more, Janine is so generous with her commenting. We are part of a blogging group at the “Bloppy Bloggers” and she is one of the first commenters on everyone’s blog. So, thank you so very much Janine for this honor! Before I pass this award on to two more deserving bloggers, I am supposed to tell you some interesting facts about myself. And since I previously listed seven for my other award, I’m going to be scraping the bottom of the barrel for a few more, but here it goes:

  1. I love dogs! I mentioned this last time, but what I neglected to tell you is that our dog is Matilda, an Australian Labradoodle, who is an amazing, sweet girl. She and I are a certified pet therapy team and we have volunteered at nursing homes and day care facilities. Every year she must be re-certified and she is having her evaluation this weekend. I’m sure she’ll pass with flying colors!
  2. I love water-skiing. I learned how to ski at sleep-away camp many, MANY years ago and although my husband doesn’t believe me, I was really good. I could slalom (ski on one ski) and do tricks too. Someday I’ll prove it to him.
  3. I grew up on Long Island and I still I have a “lawn guyland” accent. One of my kids even makes fun of me. “Mom, why do you say “oh my gawd!”
  4. My (alcoholic) drink of choice is chardonnay or Stella Artois beer. Except if I’m eating sushi, I must have a Sapporo beer. Sushi cannot be eaten without a Sapporo.
  5. Speaking of food, I eat ice cream every night. It’s sort of a reward to myself at the end of a very long day with three active (and loud) boys.

And now the fun part: Which bloggers receive this award next….this was extremely hard, because ever since I started blogging a few short months ago, I have come across such talented writers who have awesome blogs. So, I’m picking two, but there are so many more of you who deserve this and who I know will receive this award very soon. That being said, here are two of my many favorite bloggers of the year:

Amy of Adorable Chaos blogs about her three girls and her eclectic homeschooling approach. Her posts are extremely well-written and an absolute pleasure to read. I’ve commented before that my life of raising three boys seems so different at times from hers, but maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to read her posts. And while we may seem like we’re living in opposite worlds sometimes, I can also easily find common ground amongst us and our families.

Kelly of The Real Housewife makes me laugh out loud! Not only are her posts humorous, but they are REAL, just like the title of her blog. Whether she is writing about airline travel or receiving “ass-calls” from other people’s cell phones crammed in their pockets, Kelly has a gift for writing humor that so many people can relate to. Could a stand-up career be next?! Kelly recently received another blogger award, but if she doesn’t mind being inundated, she’s getting this one from me!

Congrats to you both and now everyone go read their blogs!!

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