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Any Mother’s Loss Is Every Mother’s Loss

December 17, 2012 in Parenting

A Star For Benjamin Wheeler

Any mother’s loss is every mother’s loss.”

I read that sentiment in a recent post about the Newtown, CT tragedy by blogger Liz over at Mom-101 and I thought that described my heartache perfectly. All of us — mothers AND fathers — feel the grief and pain about the loss of those precious young lives.  Additionally, we are mourning the six teachers, who were nothing short of heroic, according to circulating accounts of them protecting their students.  And yet, despite the sorrow I feel, I also can’t shake the feeling that I don’t have the right to share my grief. That my grief comes nowhere near the magnitude of the shattered families who lost children. A few of my fellow bloggers have discussed this feeling, labeling it as “guilt” or “survivor’s guilt.” I suppose that’s partially what it is, that because my kids are okay, I can’t truly fathom what these families are experiencing and therefore I feel guilty. But, I still want them all to know that I hurt for them, that I am weeping for them, that I want to help them heal. And that brings me back to our effort to help Ben’s family, who lost their little boy. As I’ve posted previously here, fellow blogger Amy of Adorable Chaos is very close to this tragedy because she knows Ben’s family. My blogging group has banded together to collect donations to purchase a star for Ben, along with the additional funds going towards the funeral expenses. Today, December 17th, is the last day to contribute so please consider donating any amount possible so that we can help this family through an immensely difficult time. Simply click on this box below and you will be taken to the site collecting donations.

On a separate note, tomorrow I will be joining many other bloggers in a Day of Silence to honor the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary. We are simply posting a button and link to donate to the Newtown Youth and Family Services. I will not be posting any blogs tomorrow, but will be using that time to reflect and grieve.

I am unsure when I will resume my regular blog posts, as I don’t feel ready to yet. If you are familiar with my blog, the tone is usually light, fun and a little snarky. That doesn’t feel appropriate to me right now. Maybe after the holidays. but I just don’t know. As with 9/11, I recall that after a period of constant media attention and somber news shows, the comedic TV series resumed and one of the actors in an interview said that he felt glad that he could try to make people laugh again. I hope to be able to do the same, but for tomorrow at least, I am remaining silent. Thank you for understanding.

*And thank you to Cyndi Calhoun of Pictimilitude for the beautiful photo of the star for Ben.

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