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Tis The Season…For Basketball!

November 19, 2012 in Parenting

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…basketball season! It’s my favorite season for being a spectator at my boys’ games.  All three of my dudes play basketball and two of them are on two different teams each.  That makes for multiple games and practices every week.  Normally, I’d moan and whine about all the shuttling around, but you know what, I’m thrilled.  And you know why?

Because it’s all indoors!

No more standing outside in the cold or rain to watch football, the game that doesn’t stop for a few drizzles or even an approaching hurricane. Yes, it’s true, our boys played at 4pm on the Sunday before Sandy hit, as the wind whipped the trees all around us and the rain drops started to fall.

You know what else I love about basketball?  The games are one hour.  That’s it!  Unlike baseball, where you could be sitting out on those bleachers for close to 3 hours, basketball is quick and efficient.

I know I should worry about injuries, but I’m not as concerned with basketball mishaps as I am with the other sports my boys play. During baseball season, my pulse quickens every time one of my boys stand on the mound to pitch. Please get a strikeout. Please don’t get hit in the head by a line drive. And when it’s my son’s turn up to bat, I worry about the other team’s pitcher who is not necessarily known for accuracy.  Please don’t pitch that ball into my son’s “family jewels.” It’s very stressful to watch.  What’s more, the weather can also be iffy: it’s usually either 90 degrees or 50.  Either way, I’m suffering.

Basketball is blissful. No braving the elements, no pitchers with bad aim, no endless innings. I hope I’m not delusional, though. When basketball reaches the high school level, it’s a whole new enchilada. My oldest son just tried out and made his high school team. Yay him! But wait…you may want to hold off on the rejoicing: The coaches have already warned us that practices will occur over Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, and February break.  Bye-bye ski trip! Bye-bye trip to the Carribean that I’ve been dreaming about for years! Bye-bye staying in our pajamas all day! That’s right, they want heavy-duty commitment.

So what if we never take another family vacation again? It’s all for the love of hoops, right!? And if my son makes it to the starting line-up of the Miami Heat, it will all be worth it, right?! In the meantime, I’ll just keep chanting this to myself as I drive him to and from all those practices and games: I love basketball, I love basketball, I love basketball…

Could my son be joining them someday?


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