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Oh Boy Mom’s 2012 Thankful List

November 21, 2012 in Parenting

As Thanksgiving approaches, a plethora of “what I am thankful for” lists start appearing.  Here’s my own version of what I — the mom to three boys — am thankful for:

A clean toilet seat, or at least being smart enough to look down before I sit

A husband who likes to cook (actually I’m more than thankful; I’m grateful!)

A son who likes to shop

A son who likes to hug

A son who likes to talk

A dog who likes to cuddle

And now the list of what I — the wife, writer, tennis player and iced tea drinker — am thankful for:

Being married to my best friend, even if we sometimes fight like frenemies.

Girls Nights Out (and a husband who never complains about them).

My daily iced teas from Cosi or Dunkin Donuts. Thank you Megan for sneaking me free ones occasionally.

My weekly tennis clinics with my gal pals and being fortunate enough to play, even if it means an impressive credit card balance in return.

My laptop and having the freedom to follow my passion, and maybe someday I’ll actually make money doing it.

My fellow bloggers as well as my Bloppy Blogger group – thank you for supporting me and being loyal followers.

My readers – thank you for reading this blog and recommending it to others. Without you, Oh Boy Mom would just be read by friends and my mother.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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