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Why We Have A Girl Dog

October 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Our girl, Matilda

It’s quite simple really.  We have a female dog mainly so I can use the word “girl” in my house.  In my house of boys, I can now say these phrases on a regular basis, thanks to Matilda, the other “woman” in the house:

“C’mon girl.”

“You’re such a pretty girl.”

“Good girl!”

“Hello girlfriend!”

“You have such a beautiful face, my gorgeous girl!”

You get the picture.  Now, I could take this a step further and introduce the color pink into my house, too.  I could put a pink collar and leash on her, put pink bows in her fur, and fulfill the girlie girl dress-up desires that I never was able to bestow upon my boys.  Except there’s a few things wrong – very wrong – with that scenario.  For one, I’m not THAT crazy.  And two, I never really had that desire to dress up a little girl.  You see, I myself was a tomboy, refusing to wear anything pink or that might be considered too frilly or feminine.  I did not have a closet full of dresses and if forced to wear one for a special occasion, I was one pouty little girl.  As for my favorite childhood activities, all I can say is I have very fond memories of playing football in the street with all the neighborhood boys and very un-fond memories of a dreaded ballet class.

I think I was meant to be a mother to all boys.  If I had had a daughter, I absolutely know I would want her to be a little tomboy like I was. I have several friends who have daughters who hate dressing up, who play ice hockey, who climb trees, and who like to jump in mud puddles.  Those are my kind of girls.  Of course, we can’t control who our children become any more than we can control the weather.  I have other mom friends who have girly girls and they simply can’t relate.  And I know there are plenty of jock dads out there who wished for a son to play catch with, only to find that their little boy would rather paint pictures or play guitar.  And that same jock dad may find that it’s his daughter who wants to kick a soccer ball around all day long.

Gender has so little to do with our kids and their budding personalities.  I have three boys and they couldn’t be more different from one another.  Yes, they all love sports and video games and beating each other up.  But, within each of their typical boy demeanors lies more.  I’ve got one dude who is as sweet and cuddly as they come.  I’ve got another dude who is more sensitive and moody than any teen girl.  And, he cares about his hair and clothes a lot.  And, I’ve got a third dude who can be bossy and controlling, but I know deep down he just wants to be loved and accepted.

Which brings me back to our girl dog.  The only thing I could control about having a house full of boys was to adopt a female into our household so that I wasn’t the lone queen.  So what if she’s not human? :)

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